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The notion of looking within is a crucial aspect of Blend Bold’s ethos. Channeling our energy into excavating what’s inside to uncover life’s true meaning is an essential component of the inspiration behind his music. This is epitomised in his latest track ‘Heart of Gold’, a gloriously upbeat cover of Neil Young’s classic. Handling the original with love and sensitivity,

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Spurred on by the eternal quest to journey inward and uncover life’s true meaning, Blend Bold is a multifaceted artist who draws on a deep well of musical influences. The Irishman channels his eclectic tastes into his artist project and label outlet, In You Records, resulting in a body of work that is full of vibrancy, positivity and dance floor appeal. From groovy tech house to the classic piano-led sound, his productions are imbued with meaning, aimed to uplift and inspire. A guiding light, who is as much of a progressive influence on himself as he is on those who experience his music, Blend Bold is primed to harness the transformative power of music to affect genuine change.

Many of us spend an entire lifetime searching for the truth, for happiness and love. It’s an affliction of the human condition that the majority of us are driven to pursue external sources for truth, love and happiness rather than look inward. The truth is, all of the answers are locked away inside us if only we took the time to look deep enough. Blend Bold encompasses the eternal search for life’s meaning in his work, with an ethos centred on speaking his truth, while inspiring others to follow suit. No mean feat, as each and every one of us has fallen prey to our inadequacies, our foibles and complexes…

Through the medium of music, though, there is the possibility to tap into the subconscious of the listener and inspire change. Whether that’s with overt messaging or subtle rhythmic and vibrational connections that elucidate a liberating feeling. Music has the power to cultivate change on an individual and societal level, and Blend Bold taps into this power to excavate and reconfigure his own conditioning. 

Like many musicians, his musical touchpoints are varied, coming from a diverse range of sources. Similarly, there’s a blend of life experiences and inspiration from a variety of philosophers and great minds that feeds into his output. The result is a bold mix of styles and influences that are crystalised in a sound that maintains a remarkable balance between dance floor dynamism and a compelling layer of innate wisdom. Subtle, yet there if you wish to access it. Here we understand the origins of the name Blend Bold. 

This is exemplified in his discography, which includes ‘Wise Watts’ featuring a sample of late, great philosopher Alan Watts. ‘Oppression’ which included a moving speech by drag queen Panti Bliss, who made a stirring speech about the oppression of the LGBTQ+ community and her own experience. ‘Lies’, a cut that questioned what we’re told and who to believe, embodying the theme of looking to yourself for truth. Plus, his most recent release ‘Heart of Gold’, which covers the famous Neil Young song. Again, the messaging returns to the notion of looking inward for the truth, and finding that heart of gold we all possess. 

As a meditator, he has been walking the path of self-exploration and acceptance for several years. As a result, he has experienced deep personal growth, thanks to key lessons concerning the impermanence of life and its challenges, and merits, alongside the grounding nature of the practice and its focus on observation and harmony. With a balanced mind, one can begin to express their truest intention and emanate good vibrations out into the world.

This is reflected in his approach to the label In You Records, which is also rooted in the theme of internal excavation. Through the outlet Blend Bold has been able to connect with like-minded artists from all over the world, sharing ideas and experiences, united under the umbrella of creating, and releasing, high-quality music with heart and soul. Having a shared vision with his label family, and making connections through his debut album Wireframes, bolstered Blend Bold’s love for music and he counts the label among his proudest achievements. 

A willing student of life’s many lessons; Blend Bold works consistently to utilise music as a means of effecting genuine change among his listeners and the dance floor faithful, revealing his true nature in the process. In doing so, he stands as a glowing example to others that we can embrace our imperfections, let people see our struggle and still be a success. Key to his approach is the hope that his music triggers shifts in himself, simultaneously resonating with the listener; whether that’s inspiring them to simply dance and revel in the joy of being on the dance floor. Or to delve a little deeper and embark on their own path of introspection.

When you step into your truth you must be fearless, shameless, determined and willing to show your vulnerable side. This liberated state is where the most profound art emerges from. Imbued with joy and positivity, Blend Bold’s productions are a tonic for the current climate of fear, consciously designed to uplift and empower. If you want the answers to life’s true meaning, Blend Bold encourages you to stop, breathe and look inside to see what you find… 

Words: Marcus Barnes