Heart of Gold

The notion of looking within is a crucial aspect of Blend Bold’s ethos. Channeling our energy into excavating what’s inside to uncover life’s true meaning is an essential component of the inspiration behind his music. This is epitomised in his latest track ‘Heart of Gold’, a gloriously upbeat cover of Neil Young’s classic. Handling the original with love and sensitivity, Blend Bold injects energy and excitement into one of his favourite songs of all time, honouring this timeless piece of art while introducing it to a whole new audience.

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Blend Bold – Heart of Gold

When it came to making my first solo project in five years, I wanted to cover a song that has depth, heart and which reminds me to look within myself to find my gold

Blend Bold

Released on Neil Young’s birthday, ‘Heart of Gold’ exudes positivity, utilising the emotive power of piano house to shift into new territory, while holding true to his core principles. The heartrending cover represents Blend Bold’s emergence from the underground space, where he was renowned for bass-heavy tech house music. An extended break from solo work gave him the space to reframe his outlook and return to production with a newfound acceptance of who he is, what he wants to say and how he wants to say it. 

With music as the vehicle for his message, Blend Bold is on a mission to inspire transformative moments on the dance floor, imbuing his productions with positive energy and equally inspiring mantras. ‘Heart of Gold’ is based on the idea that we can all go inwards, on an intrepid voyage of discovery and find that elusive precious metal within our being. Or perhaps not so much an idea, as a hidden truth waiting to be uncovered. 

Neil Young’s original is a certified classic, with lyrics that align perfectly with Blend Bold’s outlook. Traveling across oceans, or to Hollywood, to find a ‘Heart of Gold’ is a common story. But the love we yearn to find in external sources can be discovered inside all of us. With timeless piano keys complementing the hefty bassline and a soulful rendition of Young’s vocals bringing the song right up to date, ‘Heart of Gold’ is a modern-day ode to self-love that’s bound to douse the dance floor in positive vibes…

It’s pretty much nothing like the original, but through the lyrics I hope I’ve retained the meaning and essence of the song and transformed it

Blend Bold

Words: Marcus Barnes